Yoga Therapy:

a holistic approach to healing

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Lucia Cordeiro Drever

    Born in Uruguay, raised in Brazil and currently living in the US, Lucia is thrilled to bring yoga and meditation to her native land of Uruguay. A life-purpose-seeker from an early age, Lucia has travelled and studied extensively to understand the human being and bring more meaning and joy into life. She has been traveling to India to study since 2004 and has been running yoga teacher training programs since 2008. Her passion for eastern psychology is vivid in her teachings. She uses life as a classroom to practice awareness and to gaining more clarity and experiencing deeper levels of compassion. Her classes are meditation practices involving:

  1. - creating a deep relationship with the breath

  2. - linking breath with movement

  3. - understanding concepts from the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali

  4. - visualizing an AMAZING life

  5. - making appropriate changes to our lives

  6. - and developing beautiful relationships